Me, day and ... coffee latte or doppio?



I looked at my blue shoes today. Surprised! Saturday; rain, sun and wind... All day long! I walked through the city, my blue shoes soaked. Can I do anything about it? I guess not. Cars were rushing by, heading somewhere.

The city breathed rhythmically, conducted by the ever-changing weather. I realized; I hadn't had my coffee yet! Coffee latte or doppio? Just like the day, I was undecided...



Cup of coffee as a reward.



Finally, I arrived! I changed my clothes. They were all wet, but I didn't care. Not at all. Not today. I was there, that made my heart beat faster. It was midday and I was still without delightful coffee. I slowly approached the edge, the familiar sounds and smells were waiting for me, focused and slightly excited. It was a week since I was last in the swimming pool. I dived in! Moments before hitting the water is the most sensational feeling, the world stops... Timeless!

My skin noticed the change before I did. The water was at just the right temperature, I could have stayed in there for hours. Time passed quickly, half an hour, one hour, an hour and a half. That was enough for the day. Racing, I dressed again in my wet clothes and finally had time to think about my sweet little reward. First prize; coffee! Now I was fully focused on solving my dilemma; what shall it be, Coffee latte or doppio?



My brain already needs coffee.



I slowly walked back. Taking it easy. Why not? After all, it's Saturday. My brain was in the mood and already shouting at me; “Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!” I needed a coffee. If anything’s certain about my Saturday routine, it's waking up, having a decent carb-loaded breakfast, and going to the pool. After? Well, I try to relax, go over the training, prepare to-do list and yes... enjoy my delightful coffee-time!

Practicing this for a while now, I also know what type of coffee I'm going to have. But to keep it exciting, I always think about changing my Saturday-coffee-routine. Yes, it's pointless…



An old-school coffee shop made my day.



It’s funny, I’ve had some decent walk on this rainy day. By now, I was completely wet, despite my little umbrella doing the best it could. Rain was pouring down over me like hell.

I found a coffee shop along the way. It wasn't one of the "trendy-coffee-shops" you see these days. This place was one of those little places with that specific smell inside. A long history, an old-school coffee shop from back in the day. Was I surprised? Very! Not just that these places still exist (in a good sense), but the coziness of it…



The coffee that I stick with every Saturday. As always. It's perfect!



Waitress: Hi.
Me: Hi.
Waitress: Strange day, isn't it? Already the end of May and still, it just rains all the time!
Me: Yeah, tell me about it. Just look at me, I'm totally wet!
Waitress: (Laughs) Do you want to sit inside?
Me: No, it's ok, thanks! It's not too cold!
Waitress: What can I get for you?
Me: Can I get a mineral water and a doppio, please? No ice, no sugar, thanks!
Waitress: No problem, coming right up.
Me: Thanks!

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