Coffee shop with Julian, that's the plan. But before, there is some work.


Every morning I wake up around the same time, have the same breakfast, and start work around 10:00 am. Of course, a decent trip from my apartment to the office gives me plenty of time to run through the day in my head, such as my schedule and how I'm going to spend the evening.

Usually I always rush to the office. Sometimes this feeling gives me the sensation of creating something big. Sometimes the same sensation gives me an overwhelming mood...



Creamy cappuccino coffee prepared me for the upcoming day.



Today I had my presentation, shared a few slides with the board, and presented a new advertising conceptual idea, more like a pitch. The usual routine. I had my first coffee the minute I woke up, I had a decent creamy cappuccino coffee that uplifted my mood and prepared me for the upcoming day, as coffee should do, right?

The presentation started before our lunch, 11 o'clock and, as usual, took a bit longer than planned, but it went ok. My colleagues were ok and board too. After the second meeting period, nearly everyone just wanted to have a lunch break and eat something.

As is tradition, we started the meeting with a cup of coffee, to lose the tightness in the air and make the whole meeting more easygoing and relaxed. My energy was high so I skipped the coffee and had mineral water instead. Anyway, I met a friend for lunch and had a coffee with him...



I'm running late to show Julian my favorite coffee shop.



Julian was already waiting for me, I was a few minutes late as usual. Julian is a good friend of mine. We knew each other for few years before when we worked together in one of the biggest advertising agencies. He had come to town for an interview. I wasn't too hungry so I proposed to eat something light. Lunch was fine, and it was nice seeing my old friend. To say farewell we escaped to have “the-right” cup of coffee.

As time flew quickly, we went into my favorite coffee shop across the street from the restaurant and close to my office. This gave me some extra time to spend with Julian. The coffee shop and the overall mood were nice ... as always, no surprises here. Good coffee blends, single-origins, basically everything to your coffee-heart's-desire.

They roast the coffee in the shop which gives an indescribable pleasant aroma. Rooms are not too packed, nor too dark or light, it creates a relaxing environment where the outer world seems to disappear. Highlighting the moments of interaction, connecting with people through coffee rituals...



A perfect coffee shop for pleasant catch-up.



Looking back it was a very balanced day; from the morning rush to a pleasant catch-up with a buddy over lunch. I have finished my day quite early. Julian stayed in town, apparently, his new girlfriend is from here.

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