One last espresso on Friday before the adventure begins.


Are you ready? Do you have all the necessary things? These were the questions a few minutes before shutting down the computer and going out for an afternoon adventure.  

I was asked in the morning if was excited! For the record; my mind was already there, the whole day thinking what the evening will bring. I replied calmly, I almost sounded uninterested.

It was Friday. At the studio kitchen, I exchanged few words with my work buddies and I couldn't help myself but have one last espresso before the adventure…



The adventure is about to become a joyful experience.



It all started by leaving the office. The sun was already high in the sky ready for the upcoming adventure. The lakeside is quite far from the office and carrying the kayaks there is not as exciting as it should be. Sweat, tears, and frustration were quite present along the way.  

Kayaks, believe it or not, are not that light and comfortable out of the water. But all the effort finally paid off. The lake, as always was refreshing! Shortly before we left the shore a few words stuck with me and gave me quite a bit to look forward to.  

I do like an upcoming surprise. I remember the words; “I have something that took me the whole night to prepare for, let us just find the perfect spot to enjoy it”…



Gliding through the lake and carrying some unknown delight with us.



The urban atmosphere slowly changed the background from linear to natural. For me being on the lake was a new experience and everything caught my attention. The lake sounds were flushing with quietness and distant bird song, now and then some fish made a sound by jumping out for flies. In contrast to office life, this was very surreal. We haven't talked that much, just rowing somewhere... anywhere.  

An unexpected event happened when we stopped at the shore for a bit. From behind the trees, a deer jumped out right in front of us. He stopped, looked at us like; "what the heck are you doing here folks". And quickly as he came, he was gone. For us, there was too little time to even react, after a few seconds the deer was gone, my friend said “Oooh, that was close!”...



Finding that perfect spot to stop, to embrace the evening… with a cup of coffee, strange?



The horizon was vividly colored and the sun was lazily preparing for his sleep. We came to a small bay, the shape was rounded, with the entry point quite narrow. It was not that big, but once inside it opened up to a spectacular view. Especially at this time of the day.

The water was shallow, you could see fish passing by, rounded stones were giving away colorful specters reflecting the sunset. The smell was simply fantastic, wood mixed with water and the evening freshness. Yes, we could have stayed there for ages but it was, unfortunately, time to go back.   

Just before turning back, I finally got that promised delight. It was already a perfect evening and having a cup of coffee that late is usually not the best idea, but this time it was a perfect fit. A cup of cold brew coffee was so refreshing that after I had it, I couldn't imagine this lovely expedition without it. Just to make it more interesting, we squeezed some lemon in, to give a nice refreshing citrus taste...
Seems that it was a good evening coffee adventure!

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