It's time for GuOTZER! Yes, our GuODLE summer breeze coffee spritzer.

Where there is a summer breeze there is spritzer, hand-by-hand together in this hot summer.


- 2 TBSP freshly squeezed Spanish orange … yes, that sweet one!
- 150 - 200 ml refreshing sparkling water.
- 100 ml white wine, preferably up to your taste. Prosecco would do great!
- 4 mid-sized ice cubes.
- 1 GuODLE Espresso 30 ml (alternative 30-40 ml of GuODLE Turkish or Moka brewed coffee).
- 3 mint leaves.

Step-by-step guidance:

1: Place mint leaves into a glass and pour over hot GuODLE coffee. Wait for about 1 minute that mint and coffee do all the love.
2: Add 2 tablespoons of fresh squeezed Spanish orange juice. Gently stir by swirling the glass.
3: Pour over white wine and sparkling water, preferably in this combination.
4: Add ice cubes and give a gentle stir.
5: Look left, look right and find a comfortable place to sit without any “unwanted” distractions!
6: Enjoy this delightful drink!


This recipe does not need to be followed exactly. You can adjust any ingredient amount differently per your taste.

We look forward to your response, photos, comments, and social sharing under #guodlecoffee. Delightful!

GuOTZER our summer coffee spritzer

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