GuOCO! What's that? it's our GuODLE coffee tropical summer morning with delightful coconut.

From now on, there will be only sweet and tasty mornings. Like tropical summer mornings.


- 3 TBSP of GuODLE coffee.
- 3, 1/2 TBSP of sugar.
- 150 ml of chilled fresh any-types of milk.
- 100 ml of chilled coconut milk or coconut water.
- 2 TSP of fine (preferable) or crunchy dry coconut powder.
- 1 TSP of ginger powder (why ginger? you will see!).

Step-by-step guidance:

1: Mix milk and coconut milk or coconut water.
2: Add 2 teaspoons of dry coconut powder and 1 teaspoon of ginger, mix it with a table teaspoon.
3: Yes, it's summer morning, nobody sees you, don't worry! … so, put the finger into the "yummy" mixture and “taste it”! ... It's good, right! Now you know why the ginger is in!
4: If you haven't drink it all by “tasting” if ginger belongs in or not, put the rest in the fridge to chill while whipped coffee is in the progress.
5: Mix 3 tablespoons of colder GuODLE coffee with 3, 1/2 tablespoons of sugar. (Why so much sugar? sugar helps the coffee whip to a fluffy and stable texture that holds its shape for a while).
6: Now, this is the hardest part, you need to whip the coffee like you mean it, with no excuses! Electric whipper is strongly suggested.
7: Take the milk out of the fridge and add whipped coffee on top.
8: Before enjoying this delightful drink, mix it slightly with the tablespoon or straw.


This recipe does not need to be followed exactly. You can adjust any ingredient amount differently per your taste.

We look forward to your response, photos, comments, and social sharing under #guodlecoffee. Delightful!


GuODLE coffee morning sweet drink



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